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The Goodman family came from Connacht and were Catholics. They are first known in Stafford in 1841 when Patrick Goodman was working as a seasonal harvester in the area. Although he subsequently went elsewhere other members of the family came to the town between 1846 and 1851 during the Famine. There were possibly three branches of the family in the town in the mid-century but most descendants came from Edward Goodman and his wife Ann Fitzpatrick. Their sons Daniel (b. 1844) and Patrick (b. 1846) were troublesome – a magistrate described Patrick as ‘one of the worst characters in the Borough’. They later left Stafford and may have emigrated. The family were involved in numerous petty infractions of the law that stemmed from their poverty and poor living conditions but by the late nineteenth century they were becoming integrated into Stafford’s working class, particularly by working in the shoe trade. Anne Goodman married Bartholomew Corcoran and established a respectable Catholic business family whilst other descendants married into local families. Although the family always lost members by outward migration, their presence in Stafford therefore continued into the twentieth century.